Elizabeth Smith


Hi! I'm Elizabeth, or Beth for short. 


My love for baking began with my mother and a little pink recipe book. It grew over my childhood years with my sister teaching me how to make "monkey bread", to starting a tradition of making a shark cookie cake to kickoff Discovery Channel's Shark Week every year! When I left for college, which happened to fall around my eighteenth birthday, my mom bought me the same little pink recipe book we always used at home, which became one of my most cherished possessions. It contained my favorite recipe for cookies, the recipe for mac n cheese that she always makes as me (and of course mine never tastes as good as hers), and some great recipes I would continue trying for years to come. In my “earlier” adulthood, baking became a way to relax as life became a little stressful; a tried and true recipe with some music to dance to (feeling those Beach Boys and Billy Joel songs right now). 


When I moved to Melbourne, I started accepting random requests and challenges to make for my friends at work, and I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with fruity pebble bread, cinnamon toast crunch krispies, and cookies and crème cake balls -which will forever be my claim to “fame”. I love trying new recipes, documenting my failures-although they frustrate me occasionally, and of course celebrating the successes of a challenging idea. 


I grew up in Miami, FL and moved to Orlando for college to attend the University of Central Florida, where I met my husband. We landed in Melbourne, FL where we’ve been ever since we graduated from UCF. 


I’m constantly updating my page with new treats as I perfect the recipes. I took on a challenge of perfecting cereal macarons late 2019 and so far that's been a ton of fun! if there is something you’d like and don’t see on my page please send me an email! I will always try recipes and try to make what you’re looking for (or let you know if I can’t)…